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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Weekly Roundup and Rants from The Admin

Has anyone else this year had a hard time coping with daylight savings time?

I have been getting up at 6 AM since my daughter was born which was fine and dandy because it was light out. Now I get up and its dark as shit outside. I try to do things quietly and quickly and get on my way without disturbing the family.

I walk into work and my co-worker asks me:

"Where's the rap video?"

I shrugged my shoulders and said:


"The suit and tie with your Mink on and you are wearing sneakers... How very Jay-Z!"

I looked down and I was in my blue Prada kicks at least they match my tie. Apparently in my "morning haze" I put on sneakers with my suit. I'm not going home or going shoe shopping. How many wise cracks will I hear during the day?

Oh well FUCK IT! And now back to the geeky goodness. Here are a bunch of our most popular recent posts you might have missed with different titles to confuse the shit out of you. ENJOY!

Stay tuned for an HP 2710p tablet and 2510 ultra portable laptop review coming at you shortly!