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Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to Implement Auto-Delete of messages in Exchange Manager

What's up ladies and gents! This is your friendly Admin Igor...contributing to the great ATA.

Admins, do you have one of those people that is a human in body but a pack rat at heart? And you just can't help it but look at their inbox size climb? Well... things are about to change..and for the better!

This tip, can be applied when there is no company policy set up to limit the Exchange Mailbox Size, this rule will delete any messages that are stored after a certain day or certain message size. Great for that impending federal case as well!

So there is no executive fallout when there emails disappear advise your End Losers co-workers that this will be implemented before doing so. Open up your Exchange System Manager

Click on Recipient-->Recipient Policies

Right click anywhere within the Recipient Policies screen and select New-->Recipient Policy

In the new window place a check mark next to Mailbox Manager Settings -->OK

In the new window give the policy a name that you'd know what it is if you need to delete it.

Uncheck every folder except the one you'd like to have a policy on. Leave the 2 check boxes on the bottom un-checked, unless you want users to know when that particular folder's content is and will be deleted. Once a check was placed next to the folder you'd like to modify, click edit.

Lastly, you can select to either wipe the messages older than 30, 60, 90 days or whatever day limit you choose. or you can check the message size check box and delete messages based on their size. They can both be tailored to the rule that is being created. Click OK, then right click on the policy and select Apply This Policy Now.

Just a side note, once the policy is applied, the messages are deleted on the spot, there's no way of going back and restoring the folders content unless a proper backup was made before hand.

Have fun!