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Monday, July 07, 2008

Identify your memory without cracking the case.

We have reviewed Crucial Memory in the past here when we gave away a 2gb memory module to one of our readers. So we were happy to plug them again when Jenny from San Fransisco wrote us asking:

Yo Admin can you tell me what kind of memory is in my PC without me having to open the case? I want to see how much it will cost to upgrade but don't want to dive into it unless I am going to do it. Dig? I have busted up one too many machines in the past. But memory is a good way to speed up my p4 machine it has 256mb right?

Jenny Needs Memory
Jenny yes 256mb of memory is not enough for anything nowadays!

You should but that rig up to at least 1gb. Memory is cheap just go to this link and you will be able to scan your memory and get all sorts of useful facts and prices. And wait there's more...

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Why you might ask?

Well it is an affiliate program we have been experimenting with. You buy stuff you need and they give us a little bit o' cheddar for referring you over to them. It gets expensive running a website where advertising revenue brings in next to nothing. But I love helping you weirdos! Awww don't blush! I have seen your temp files and browsing history pervo!

But back to the hard sell...

Crucial makes your life easier by telling you how much memory your system can max out at and what type it needs and best of all how much its going to cost ya! What are you waiting for speed up your machines today!

Memory being the price it is can be a GREAT ALTERNATIVE to buying a NEW MACHINE! Support us to take over the fricking world get us up on our own dedicated server/line...

Maybe we could hire some more quality writers to give you more great information if we had more than .37 in the AskTheAdmin bank account. So instead of me carrying her on my shoulders help out! How does that make you feel? (It makes me feel like a guy in the train going from car to car saying Ladies and Gentleman I don't mean to interrupt...) Feelings... Death Threats... In the comments!