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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Why can my Vista Sidebar only hold a small number of gadgets?

When I first heard about the Windows Vista Sidebar way back when I was very excited. I thought Wowie, (yeah i say wowie and I give High-Five all the time too - What?!?) I am going to get every widget possible into my sidebar and be uber productive. (edit: I might be over exaggerating - just a little :) )

Then at first glance, the Windows Sidebar looked as though it can hold only a few widgets/gadgets. So much for the uber convenience I was looking for. When you fill up your Sidebar, adding another gadget makes the one on the bottom disappear, requiring you to delete a visible one to bring it back.

But as it turns out the Sidebar has more than one screen. When more than the visible number of gadgets are in use, the excess gadgets flow out onto another screen. The arrows at the top of the Sidebar take you from one screen to another. Even your less-used gadgets can be just one click away.

So what are your favorite "Gadgets"? Edit:(I still have this urge to call them Widgets.)

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