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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dont miss that deadline. Here is a great app to go with your great excuse!

Hey there drunkey... The long weekend has come and gone? So has your deadline but not your hang over?

Don't worry AtA to the rescue...

Well Kinda.

Everyone remembers the old my dog ate my homework excuse. Doesn't it work so much better when it is accompanied by a shredded bitten up report?

Well now instead use this century's version of the dog excuse... The "my computer crapped out excuse" So I couldn't finish my power point presentation. And here is a nifty little web based application to give you a flucked up file to go with your excuse. File Destructor will give you an un-openable file of whatever size you want to give the illusion of work gone ka-bloooie (Technical Term).

We were going to use the site's description but Download Squad came up with a much funnier one:

Look, we know you meant to paper that report last night. Sure, your final grade depends on it. But you know, the call of World of Warcraft was just too great. So what are you going to do? You could bust your butt to finish your paper today and still hand it in late. Or you could send your teacher a "corrupted" file called "term paper.doc" and hope that by the time she figures out what you've done, you can finish your assignment and send it in with a note saying "sorry, I think there was a problem with my computer."

File Destructor is a web tool that lets you create junk files look like real files, except they don't do anything. Need a 312MB MPG file or a 12KB Word document? File Destructor can help. Or rather, it can't, but it can make it look like you've got such a file. A word of caution though: While you can create and download a phony Word or text document in no time flat, it takes a while to download large files from File Destructor. So we wouldn't recommend faking your film class's final video project.

It probably goes without saying, but Download Squad assumes absolutely no responsibility if you should be dumb enough to actually try anything we recommended in the previous two paragraphs. [Via DownloadSquad]
Pretty neat huh? doesn't warn you not to use this... We encourage our readers to try and get over! ( Unless we are liable for that! Then let's just keep this between you me and the rest of the readers :)! )