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Friday, January 18, 2008

Dell shocking its users. Literally! Should you be scared?

Cnet is reporting that the pretty brushed metal xps 1330's and 1530's are giving electric shocks to consumers.

It is isolated to users with the two pronged plug and not the three. Cnet goes on to say that the two pronged plug is not properly grounded. Dell will send a 3 prong adapter out to users on request.

It goes like this if you touch the metal casing while switching usb cables, plugging in the power cord or pretty much anything you can get a slight shock. Now thats according to dell. No big whoop they say.

As usual that is not what users are reporting on the forums though... Some say they get large jolts and were shocked pretty bad. Don't hold your breathe for the law suits. I can hear the class action suits forming as we speak.

Imagine if someone took a jolt while wearing a pacemaker?

We have been running a 1330 that came with a grounded 3 prong plug since the get go and have not experienced this.

Verdict: if you have the two prong adapter hit dell up for a replacement. Better safe then sorry.

Those dell laptops that caught on fire a while back started off with warming laps. Dell told everyone its normal - just dont keep it on your lap. Thus the laptop became a notebook. Anyone else notice that?

You have been warned! With that being said we are going to go play with that 1330, a volt meter and a two prong plug :) Wish us luck!

Thanks for sending this one in Doctor Jay!