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Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Admins Backbone Bandwidth Upgrade Goes Hay-wire and a Weekly Roundup!

The Admin spent his Friday night (While you were out partying) upgrading his office 10 mbps line to a 100 mbps line. They were both Ethernet handoffs coming from a media converter. So why then did I have so many fricking problems? Lets just say DON'T ever believe the ISP. rant

I backed up my configuration for my firewall, made the necessary IP changes, modified my one to one nats and switched the cable. My VPN's came online I had some net (I could resolve IP's but not connect on port 80). I had a cross over cable connecting the line. Long story short the cable needed to be straight through and the ISP had given us the WRONG IP information. Don't ask me how some services worked but after requesting the next tier tech he was like - um I see the problem change your subnet mask and default gateway.... Then he was like I need to make a few changes on your router. Then he needed to restart the main router- thankfully it was after normal business hours so he hit that magic button and BAM! I was up. Long story short...

If It isn't working and you have been on the line with a tech forever asked to be escalated!! But I can safely say 100mbps is FAST! I had movies porn DATA coming down the pipe SO fricking fast it was worth the trouble (not really) BUT transfers from my cable modem back to the office have picked up by almost 10x! The numbers are dizzying! And a 100mb line for $1000/month cant be beat!


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