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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Can I Have Multiple Tabs for My Home Page In Firefox?

So this question bounced around in my head for a bit last night. It seems Rafael wants Firefox 2 to open 3 tabs with different websites on launch. In essence dude wants 3 home pages concurrently. I'm with it... Wait theres more!

He wants to do it without an extension, plugin or other point of failure and wants to do it native to the browser. It is so simple and yet so powerful when used in conjunction with profiles.

Open up Firefox, navigate to Tools > Options. In the General tab, you will see where you set your Home Page.You are used to seeing one url here and when you open Firefox it is launched.
Now is where the trick comes in are you ready? Do you have pen and paper? I'll wait...

Simply add a space and the | character in between urls like so:

And now when you launch FF you get multiple pages launched. I haven't seen a limit to how many you can launch (make sure you have a bunch of RAM!) Pretty nifty stuff.

As usual it does not work in Internet Explorer.

(Edit - Reader/Commenter
XSlayer says: IE7 has this feature all you have to do is open the pages you want to set as your homepages and then click tools, internet options, and click use current for homepage and it will use all three.)

Anyone else have any FireFox tricks this Wednesday morning?