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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Help My Fox is all Foxed Up! Firefox is my life help me fix it!

So reader Todd from Toronto writes to us after installing a bunch of firefox plugin's he so elegantly put it - foxed up his fox - Firefox 2.

But young Todd you are in luck because we have answers for you! This information is on the Standard Diagnostic page here

Standard diagnostic steps

Exit Firefox completely
and reboot the computer.

(If you can open Firefox and use the menus) clear the cache: "Tools
-> Options
-> Advanced -> Network / Cache -> Clear Now" (Firefox
2) or "Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Cache -> Clear" (Firefox 1.5)
and clear any other private data you don't wish to save such as cookies and download history; if the problem isn't resolved, then:

Close Firefox (if open) using "File -> Exit" and make
sure it is not running in the background
(on some systems, you may need to
wait awhile for the Firefox process to terminate) and then:

Start Firefox in Safe Mode.

The "Firefox Safe Mode" window will appear, containing some troubleshooting
options. Check the box "Reset toolbars and controls" (and, optionally, the box
"Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults") then press the button:

"Make Changes and Restart". Resetting toolbars and controls fixes a corrupt
file but you'll need to add back any toolbar customizations. Resetting all user preferences, if you also select that option, will restore the default
preference settings (except for those set in the user.js file) and the default
theme will be used.

If the problem is still not resolved:

Extension and themes issues: Check the list of problematic
, to see if your problem is listed; if not, start Firefox in Safe Mode and,
when the "Firefox Safe Mode" window appears, press the button, "Continue in Safe
Mode". If the problem persists in Safe Mode, continue with the next numbered

If the problem goes away in Safe Mode:

Update or uninstall the added theme or select the default theme in "Tools
-> Add-ons -> Themes ("Tools -> Themes" in Firefox 1.5).

Update or selectively disable or uninstall your added extensions in "Tools
-> Add-ons -> Extensions" ("Tools -> Extensions" in Firefox 1.5) as
detailed below.

Profile issues: Create a new Firefox

(You can later use the Firefox Profile Manager to return
to your original profile, if need be). If the problem goes away in the new
profile, you can either selectively copy your important profile data to the new profile and reinstall your added extensions and themes or you can try to fix the original profile (see below).

If the problem is not resolved in a new profile check the Standard
Diagnostic Site for more tips

They really go into some crazy detail and you should definitely be able to fix your fox with this wealth of information. Still have problems or know of other solutions...hit us up in the comments!