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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Can I extend trial software?

The age old question has been answered!

Paul over at posted this and it answers one of todays questions. Remember this goes against ANY agreement you agreed to when you click I Agree. With me? Check it out:

I found a free utility that can extend your trial software...indefinitely! You know the software I am talking about. The ones that let you use it, but for only 30 days. Once that is up they force you to buy the full version.

Well, In the words of my friend, "Buy...Software? For....Money? What is that?"

Sure, this is legally questionable, but it is still a great idea! Imagine all the software that is out there that is shareware, or trialware. Now image that you now have the ability to unlock it so you can use it forever? Enter Date Cracker 2000.

According to Softpedia:

Date Cracker 2000 is a software that will help you remove the date protection from programs which expire
after a specific date. Date Cracker 2000 is most useful for shareware or trial versions of software. Note that this program should be used for educational purposes only. Software like Date Cracker 2000 helps two kinds of people: Software Users and Software Developers.
The creators of Date Cracker are E-Tech, Inc. Check them out, they have a lot of other cool programs like this one. [Bauer-Power.Net]

Thanks El Di Pablo another great find.