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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Gelaskins for all different devices, reviewed on a Powerbook...

Hey Boys and Girls,

We've had the honor of meeting up with the guys over at Gelaskins. Their products were one of the more popular products at the CES pre-show and Digital-Life Show, mainly because of the sexy designs they use for their Gelaskins. Really wicked stuff. But there's more to Gelaskins than meets the eye. Beyond the sick designs they've used for their products, they've also seemingly took great pains to make sure the products are easy to apply, and guess what... IT WORKS.

I wish screen protectors were this easy, because I've never had a device with a screen, that didn't also have an air bubble or two. But this was a pleasure to stick on. It seems the Gelaskin is somehow porous, and air bubbles can be dissipated just by pressing on them. It literally took me 10 seconds to stick this thing. When I noticed it wasn't perfectly centered, I peeled it off and gave it another go. Once again the product stuck on with no issues, snags, snafus, or the such.

The guys at Gelaskins were nice enough to provide us with a bunch of different sizes and designs, so pretty soon we will be running a Gelaskins Giveaway contest. Sponsored by Gelaskins and Ask The Admin, of course. So stay tuned kiddies, these things are gonna be the hottest new accessory for pretty much every piece of high-end electronics you own, phones, laptops, and everything in between.

I like Gelaskins.

Happy Holidays