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Friday, June 06, 2008

Im addicted to Googles Image Labeler Game - HELP ME!

It started, way back when, I read a Boing-Boing post about Google Image Labeler. It warned me about how addictive it is but I mean really who would think that:

  • You would want to help Google and add labels to their images.
  • You could easily spend HOURS on the site.
  • You have more fun mocking other players then playing.
Well they are all true! You log in and Google finds a partner for you and they show you pictures one at a time. You and your partner only see the same picture nothing else. You need to match your labels with theirs. The more obscure the word is the more points you will get. I went into this thing laughing and walked away 5 hours later very serious and very solemn. I almost made the leader board! Wait - when did that become my goal of the day? What happened to my work?

I do find myself mocking the other players as I have already typed in 7 valid labels and then started with Idiot, moron, do you sense a pattern... Now why does that entertain me? Well you see everything your partner typed at the end of the round. And you know how we like to harass people :)

So in conclusion whatever you do DON'T play this game and when you do DON'T try and beat the high scores. I have a feeling that the top cats are playing this thing 10 hours a day. I got 11 images in the 90 seconds twice - if you do better then me...

I don't want to hear it kids! It will keep me up at night. I don't know if this will ever be as addictive as SNOOD but it is right up there.

(Note, this game is inspired by the ESP Game created by Luis von Ahn, and I believe Google licensed the game from Carnegie Mellon.) [Via Boing-Boing and MattCutts]