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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

WiFi SUCKS I Am Going Back to my wired connections.

Everyone jumped on board with Wi-Fi lickety split when it came out. And hey I am one of them. It was supposed to be the technology of the future - wasn't it??

I ran my 802.11a when it was in draft and I thought it was really cool. And around the time 802.11b came out it actually became usable for surfing the net. Mind you it is at its best a 10 mbps connection and in all actuality it was a slight fraction of this. I had been suffering from horrible interference on my home phone and wifi and recently found a solution to the phone portion. If I could solve one problem why not the other. So I started changing channels on my router moving the base station and still I would go from a solid 54g connection to a crawl and then dead in the water until I do a repair. I updated wi-fi drivers, I flashed roms, I got repeaters, antennas I swear I did everything. We covered all the common wifi problems here if you want to look them over.

My poor Tivo and Media centers were the ones suffering (edit: alright its really me and the wife but hey show some gadget love) from no wi-fi love. I bit the bullet and ran some Cat6 Ethernet cable around the house and terminated a few jacks. I couldn't be happier! I am back running 100mb to my tivo 1gbps to my Media center. Why should I sacrifice the speed, when I don't have to?

Amazon un-box is actually cool now! As well as having my media files converted to Tivo and pushed to its now playing list is actually quicker than convert, burn and actually get up! I feel like i made the broadband jump all over Again!

My Media center box is super fast now... Torrenting away while it serves up media without a hick-up. Don't get me wrong the laptops and Pdas all play nicey nicey with 802.11 g or better but i will only do wireless when necessary not as the standard. I also dropped a jack behind my couch so if my laptops wi-fi does me dirty again she will get plugged in as well!

When the dust settled I realized the interference on the wi-fi that remains is no longer bothering the connection and we are seeing our real 15mbps download speeds. Wow I feel like I am in the 21st century....

Oh wait I am! If only they had Jet Packs... Oh wait they do!


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