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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

500 posts, 500 Feed Readers and AtA Updates

asktheadmin logo ask the adminAbout a year after inception, AtA is on the fast track to gaining popularity. It seems we have broken our all time record for weekly traffic and nailed 135,000 uniques last week. Our contests have brought in a lot of new traffic and gave some of the people who have been trolling around from the beginning an excuse to start participating!

We want to thank Ahead, Crucial, Philips and Dell for giving us that proverbial pat on the back! It is nice to be recognized by leaders of our industry. We have big plans on AskTheAdmin's horizon, so stay tuned technology fans...

And here are some recent posts you might have missed:

We are also accepting applications for guest bloggers at resumes at askTheAdmin.com just hit us with a sample of your awesome writing skillz and make our editors go WOW!

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