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Monday, October 29, 2007

CONTEST: Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 Suite Review.

The contest is still going until next Friday - so leave a comment why you should be our winner in this Roxio sponsored contest!

Your new laptop or desktop probably already came with built in software for burning CD's and DVD’s. So why should you go out and cop the newest burning software and drop your cold hard cash?

It seems that is what was on Roxio's mind when they crammed in a whole bunch of new stuff into Roxio 10.

There are a lot of new features and niceties that add up to the staggering 1.53 GB installer size. Some of the stand out features are:

  • The Smart Soundtrack feature which allows you to add sound to your slideshows
  • Creating gifts with your images on them like calendars (very cool!)
  • The option to fix images for viewing on mobile phones (removing those nasty borders)
  • The Panoramic stitcher was also sparingly easy to use
  • A 3 step wizard lets you auto-edit your movie, then upload to YouTube in one click
  • Capture and edit HD video and add surround sound playback, record Internet radio, batch convert files, backup your iPod and more.
  • Enhance photos and video taken on your mobile devices and use them in projects with your other media
  • Certified for Windows Vista and fully supports Windows XP.

Ok so now your ears are perking up so lets get into it. Roxio Central is your jump off point when you start up EMC10. It is very intuitive and fits in with the Vista decor. This is where you are going to come to do most of your burning tasks like creating music and data disks, photos, video and a bunch of tools. Some of the eye grabbing new tools are located in separate applications listed here:

· BackOnTrack
· CinePlayer
· Creator Classic,
· Label Creator,
· Media Manager, Music
· Disc Creator,
· PhotoSuite,
· Sound Editor,
· Video Copy & Convert VideoWave

You can obviously select which features/apps you want on your system during the initial install. You can slim down the installation this way. As we said earlier EMC10 fits in with Vista very nicely, and to add to integration Creator can live in your Windows Sidebar for easy access. The look and feel of the whole suite is a whole new ball game compared to 9. We like it!

We used some of the built in tools to enhance pictures, create a mix CD, play around with some evil looking panoramic pictures and, of course, burned and converted media. There are a lot of tools in here that the basic end user can use without a degree in computer science. Good job Roxio! We think it is a totally different product then Nero 8 and feel this is a better fit for someone with minimal computer experience.


And BTW: We can't giveaway our copy of EMC 10 because it is not a retail copy - but who wants our swag? Hit us up in the comments!