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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Master the Screen Shot and DON'T send your CEO your desktop!

Happy Tuesday Morning and here you go, another oldie but goodie. If you hate copying screen shots to your clipboard only to go crop out your desktop afterwards like we used then this tip is for you...

Who wants to send their task bar layered with AOL IM windows and Random Fire Fox Browser Pages on to let the board of directors know how you spend your time?? No I didn't think so.

If you can relate then this tips for you, faithful Windows User:

Alt + Print Screen

Hit that and BOOM you have a screen shot in your clipboard of only your active window. Leaving behind your slacker goodness and only passing along the relevant stuff. This will work with all Windows OS's 2000 or better.

Hit or Miss? Do you guys want more tips like this or other stuff?

Edit: Here is the same tip but better for OSx From Reader Sandy:

Sandy said...
And also, if you're running OSX: Command-Shift-4 does the same thing, and also saves the image to your desktopfor easy attachment to e-mails. For windows with rounded borders, the little bits of desktop that would be visible at the corners is automatically removed.