Hands on with Philips SPC325NC Skype Webcam and Headset ~ Ask The Admin

Friday, October 12, 2007

Hands on with Philips SPC325NC Skype Webcam and Headset

We were so excited about getting rid of our cordless phone interference with Philips new House Phone/Skype Handset that we never unboxed and tried out the rest of the "Skype" experience. We were never much of skype users but we know a lot of you out in Admin land are. So we got our account all activated and what not and gave it a shot. (The bag is blocking my horribly messy desk... You know how it is right?)

Right out of the box I like the hinge arm on the camera so I can mount it on my flat panel OR my laptop. The video frame rates on this thing are 30+ fps so everything is in real time and none of that awful jitter we used to see. The quality of the video is definitely not for saving and reusing. But as a means of seeing the other party this is really cool! We used it with Skype, Netmeeting and AIM... All worked really well. The mono headset did exactly as it was suppose to and worked with all three above programs. There is software included for taking stills which come out ok - but really, how many other things do you want this set to do? Use it for what it is meant for - video conferencing - and it is amazing. For its price of under $30 you can be video conferencing with the best of them in a few minutes!

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