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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Can I make my Windows Machine Shutdown Quicker?

AskTheAdmin fasterDo you hate how Windows 2000, XP or Vista takes its sweet ass time to reboot or shutdown? Your machine asks you if you are sure you want to kill your open apps? I did just hit restart - didn't I? It requires more than one click so when I click it I mean it!

Our good friends at Microsoft have decided we need them to put in a safeguard from ourselves so we do not loose unsaved work. Funk that AtA readers don't want to be told what we can or can not do. And if you are a fly by the seat of you pants kinda guy like us (or a fly by the seat of your skirt kinda gal :)) and you don't worry about losing files... You just want the computer to reboot ASAP - then this quick registry hack is for you. It will enable Windows to auto kill your tasks without prompting you to save. So 1 make sure you really really mean to restart or shutdown when you click it and 2 Make sure you really mean restart or shutdown when you click it. Yes I meant to write the same thing twice.shutdown faster asktheadmin

As always modifying your registry can seriously screw up your computer so create a backup or system restore point before you make the changes below:

  • Open up your Start-Menu.
  • Choose RUN
  • Type regedit to open up the registry editor.
  • Navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER >>>>>> Control Panel >>>>>> Desktop.
  • Set the key “AutoEndTasks” value to 1.

Now when you initiate your reboot sequence you can walk away and be sure the machine will be back at the login screen when you return.

But remember if you did not save your work before hand you will lose it - you have been warned.