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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Attention Websmasters - Do you socialize? Want to make it easier?

AskTheAdmin came across which fills a void that many of you probably never knew existed. Many people (mostly digg users) will tell you social networks are not for submitting your blog articles... They are for other people to submit and vote on. Yeah right! And what world do you live in? Sure that's how it works for the 30,000 hits-a-day blog but how about the little guy? Everyone has to start somewhere right?

For the new blogger, search engines just don't seem to cut it. The big guys seem to get all the exposure, and each new writer has a David and Goliath situation. The time frame is also off. If your trying to write about fresh, timely issues, waiting around for a Google spider to crawl your site and then hope to appear on the umptienth page on a specific search word - I gotta be honest with you, it was feasible 15 years ago when the net wasn't saturated with just about, well, EVERYTHING!

Enter SocialMarker, stage left. SocialMarker allows you to not only submit your article as easily as possible to 30+ social networks but will also allow you to submit them without retyping the description, title, key words and URL. By using the same text across the board you are not only letting the world know about your article/site, you're also creating a web presence with automatically indexed posts on social networks. Social networks have a lot of traffic which equals great back links for you. Seeming you are using the same text consistently- these words will begin to associate with your site across the major search engines over time as well.

So basically, SocialMarker is an aggregator of aggregators. Each link submission on each aggregator such as Technorati and Reddit involves putting together keywords and a synopsis, and choosing a category and providing a direct URL. But even if you're ahead of the game, and you keep a notepad open with all your buzzwords and comments, different sites have different syntax. For example, some sites use commas to delimit keywords, others use spaces, and yet others use semicolons. Some sites require a synopsis and site description, while others only a synopsis, and yet others require only keywords and category. And on top of all that, some custom submission buttons open a pop up, while others navigate you away from the page your looking at. It can all become pretty harrowing and involves a lot of short term practice to master while memorizing lots of relevant-to-the-second stuff. And even then , if you drop out of it for a week or so, you tend to forget the ebb and flow of things, so its back to square one.

Some people spend hours submitting 1 link to even half of this list that comes pre-populated on SocialMarker. Even with half their screen filled with bookmark bars and custom toolbars, buttons, menus and search boxes it still takes a considerable investment of time and energy that could better be spent elsewhere. We have covered the basics on boosting your traffic before but this tool definitely deserves a place in my browser's toolbar.

I hope this one helps all you budding bloggers on your quest for world domination! Got other tips and tricks? Hit us up in the comments...