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Monday, October 22, 2007

AskTheAdmins 2GB Memory Winner... Jealous?

Don't be jealous you hater! Be happy that AtA can bring you these great give-a-ways and you might be our next winner!

We have some AMAZING things in the works so, stay tuned for more Geeky Goodness! Here is the email our grand prize winner AstroMan sent in:

Thank Crucial for sponsoring this give-a-way! You guys have had the best prize to date. Any ideas from you guys what you want to see about, hear about, or watch AtA Review?

Hi Karl !

I've receive the package this morning. Really quick !You can find some pictures of me and my new RAM enclosed. Pick those you prefer for your site!

Thanks again,

Cyril Pradel

Remember AtA Fans you can be aour next winner by just signing up for email updates over there on the right... I know you see the little box... Go ahead add your address you will get daily AtA updates and a chance to win future geeky goodness... Sounds like a win-win situation to me.