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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Adding Calendar functionality to Mozilla Thunderbird

Before I start, I should probably introduce myself a little. My name's Phil, and I run a blog at, but I'll be cross-posting all the good stuff on to here as well. By day, I'm responsible for the IT within a small company in the United Kingdom. We run a mixed-OS network, so you can be sure I'll be blogging about both Linux and Windows. I'm also a big fan of open-source alternatives for home and business, so you'll be seeing plenty of that stuff too. Which, conveniently, leads me to my first blog post!

In a bid to save money where we can, and detach ourselves from Microsoft reliance, we've deployed Thunderbird as a replacement for Outlook across a few workstations. We've found that when people switch from Microsoft Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird they often miss having the calendar/task features. Fortunately, you can add Calendar and Task functionality to Thunderbird with the Lightning add-on.

  • Go to the Lightning download page

  • Right click on the download link and Save As... (If you don't, Firefox might try to install the add-on itself.)

  • Open up Thunderbird and click on Tools > Add-ons

  • Install the Lightning file you just downloaded

  • Once you're done, restart Thunderbird, and start using your new Calendar feature!

  • If you need Holiday calendars, you can get them here

I've only tested this in Windows, but it should work on Linux and the Mac just fine, too.

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