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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Whatcha know About the Dopod? Thats 3.5G HSDPA BITCHES!

I just unboxed my brand new Dopod HTC aka HTC Cavalier S630 and after a few tweaks my demo was FLYING on HSDPA ATT's Network. I did a quick post on the Dash's big brother a while back and it still isn't released in the US of A. Yup this baby came right from China right down to the Chinese interface. But thanks HTC for including English in your ROM!

I found my old Cingular .cab file for my settings which worked instantly -DOPE! Right then I noticed My old E or G was replaced with a 3G... Then I enabled HSDPA and BOOM it turned into a H! We have achieved 3.5G boyz! And all I can say is that this coupled with the 400mhz processor... Is that I love it. What a huge jump. Almost as big as when I went from my 300 baud modem to my 2400 baud modem. Ahh Good times Good Times. Stay tuned for a full review. This is the near future of mobile devices... Prepare to be jealous of the first Smartphone with built in cut and paste functionality among other stuff!


Edit: This bad boy saw 987kbps 992kbps on HSDPA and 87kbps on 3G... I seem to only get HSDPA outside in Manhattan. No go in Crooklyn or The Boogey Down. It also seems to jump back and forth between 3G and H while I am moving. I can keep on the fastest network - BY STANDING STILL! Anyone else have any experience with these networks?