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Thursday, September 13, 2007

True Tales Of End User Stupidity! Worth a Laugh!

So you hear tech support stories and say to yourself... Yeah right, that's pretty funny but, I doubt it really happened.

Well, I bring you The True Tales Of End User Stupidity (t cubed o.e.u.s. - pretty catchy eh?) that will have you peeing in your pants or bring a tear to your eye if you cant stand to see gadgets destroyed. Maybe its not as good as the drink holder aka CD-Rom crushing someones favorite can of soda but its real... A middle manager chick, whose office we support, has been talking about the new Moto Q Pro and how she just HAS to have it. She finally shut up about it and copped it - We spoke with her and she said she wanted it when it originally came out but everyone told her to hold off "Until they beefed it up and added all the features," - her exact words...

I set it up, fed in the exchange info, tested it and asked her:

"Do you need me to show you how to use it."

"No. What do i look like?", Was the witty response I got back. (sense a little sarcasm?) Some other stuff might have been said but I already tuned her out...

Long story short.. She brings me the device back, 3 hours later, with a cracked screen.

"What happened to your Q?" I said staring in disbelief.

"The stupid touch screen thing was not responding to my input. I tried my finger a stylus and then the back of a pen. Nothing worked and now it looks like it is busted. Can you fix it"

I continued staring at the Q's carcass and said

"It doesn't have a touchscreen."

"Of course it does why else did i wait for this one to come out?"

How could I argue with that? We found out insurance doesn't cover stupidity and this is a fairly common occurrence... The c.c rep was surprisingly sympathetic. I guess they don't want to lose a new account while we were still in our 30 days. We got a discounted refurbished unit on the way. And I think this lady thinks it was my fault her fat fingers cracked the Q. What do you think?

They say a sucker is born every second well if that's true, a Stupid end user logs on every nano second. Thanks for listening to my rant. I feel better now. Do you hear me Q killer?