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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Weekly Roundup and Giving out Props.

Did you miss any of our top recent posts? Here they are followed by some of our authors Bios!

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I would also like to take the time and give you some information on our Guest Bloggers. Some of them you have met, read their articles and come to love. And others you have only seen briefly. Let us hear your comments - we all LOVE criticism (lol). Well here is a quick run down of some of them. Some of you didn't get back to me so I left you off. I will append the article as more info comes in .. We are looking at you our British friend Phil Wiffen from TwistedEthics, Peter Diamond Micah and JASC - Where you @?? Here you are...

  • Commodore64 - He works as a graphic designer extraordinaire and web programmer in New York City. Commodore's real name is Michael and lives in NJ. Photoshop, ASP, .Net are just some of his many specialty's.

  • Yaron Maor -Yaron lives in Israel and has worked for Microsoft out there in Tech Support - He went on to get the GM award for excellence. He has worked for Compaq/HP as a technical trainer. Yaron is a technical speaker and has been featured @ seminars by Intel, NDS, Cre0-Scitex, Coca-Cola and More! There seems to not be a lot Yaron HASN'T done!

  • El Di Pablo -The elusive El Di Pablo is currently working on a double major in Computer Networking and Network Security, as well as his Security+ Certification. He also has an MCP as well as his A+, Net+, Srv+ and WCSE. He also runs http://www.bauer-power.net/

  • Psymon - Our Linux guru who runs http://www.sigmundvoid.com/. Simon is a very busy dude who works in the VoIP industry. He loves all things Linux. Got some questions for him?

  • Matt Parnell -A up and coming Linux Guru who enjoys SEO, Hacking & Modifications. He is constantly tweaking in attempts to gain a bit more performance! Matt's IQ is a Whopping 150! Go get them @ college Matt! Matt runs http://www.mattparnell.com/ as well.

  • The SlothMan - Let's be generic. Early 30's. IT Professional. Interests include just about everything. Sloth loves open source and is a BIG Zimbra supporter. He also seems to have the Windows answers anyway! Where did that nick-name come from? Only he knows!

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