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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Googles Free 411 service just got better with text messages and maps!

We read about Googles free 411 service And its great as we have been using it for some time now. Now we see it has the ability to text you the address and phone number of your query as well as send you a link to a map! This is great to save to your phone book forward to someone else - whatever we like options! Below find Google's info followed by the original article we read from a few months back. Thanks BoyGenius!

Welcome to Google Voice Local Search Google Voice Local Search is Google’s experimental service to make local-business search accessible over the phone. Using this service, you can:

search for a local business by name or category.You can say "Giovanni's Pizzeria" or just "pizza". get connected to the business, free of charge. get the details by SMS if you’re using a mobile phone.Just say "text message". Dial from any phone1-800-GOOG-411(1-800-466-4411) And it's free. Google doesn’t charge you a thing for the call or for connecting you to the business. Regular phone charges may apply, based on your telephone service provider. Note: Google Voice Local Search is still in its experimental stage. It may not be available at all times and may not work for all users. We’re fine-tuning the service to get better at recognizing your requests. It’s currently only available in English, in the US, for US business listings. To find out more about getting GOOG-411 and other Google products on your mobile device, visit

Google Mobile web site.

Google's free 411 business search (Goog-411) is up, running, and receiving mass praise. A week later, Microsoft's accusation, TellMe, has launched their own version of business search. Simply call 1.800.555.TELL to get business listings throughout the United States. You can also send a text message with the business information to "TELLM", and receive the information back via SMS. Third, they have a mobile java-based client that will give you a map, and interface to search for the business listing. BlackBerry users have had a similar service, Beyond411 (formerly Berry411) for local searches for some time now. The war to deliver information via a mobile device is on. The good news is that TellMe and Goog-411 are both free services, saving you from spending money using your phone's costly 411 service. Viva la 411!