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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How to Help save a wet cell phone that fell in the toilet.

Fat Joe from PA writes to us.

Dude I just copped a stupid expensive phone from ATT (Tilt pda like thing). I had it 20 minutes and went to take a leak. While I was doing my thing it rang in my hand (the other hand). It kinda scared me and I dropped it into a pool of my own urine. ATT doesn't offer insurance on these expensive things so I stared at if for a few seconds and grabbed it in disgust. Nothing on the screen. I put it in a zip lock bag and took it home. It has been off for about an hour now. Please help me resurrect it or give me a way to get ATT to help me! Please I read your site all the time.

Hey Fat Joe we feel your pain and this one is a no-brainer. We have covered this one before but this one is always pertainent! Go out and buy a bag of white rice. You know when of those two pounders. Shove the phone in the rice (*DONT COOK IT** I REPEAT UNCOOKED WHITE RICE!!) and put it outside some where to get some sun. Take the battery out and shove that in separate. The rice will absorb the moisture and the sun will speed it along. Wait until morning and you should be good to go. It seems the phone either turned off on impact or the battery fell out. That means there was never a complete circuit with power while it was in the water (pee). That's a good thing.

Now about getting the urine smell out of the thing you are going to put next to your face I recommend Kensington Surface Guardians (wet and dry cloths) Use a WHOLE lot of em' Let us know how it goes. And how are you liking the Tilt with all its hspda 3g goodness?


i cant thank you enough it works! my baby is back and i even got those wipes and they worked great no pee smell at all.i need insurance on this baby any ideas if att wont come through u guys are life savers! thank u again

It all worked out for Joe in the end! And he has no problem what so ever with holding his pee phone to his face. Go get em Joe!