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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Morning - Week In Review

Here are some Great links from AtA That You might Have Missed...

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  1. Quick Wipe Hard Drive's Using Lysol - Freeware 5 Second Hard Drive Blow Away

  2. How can I Remove Backgrounds From A Picture - Change the background of any Pic

  3. How to Use Gmail on your Windows Mobile device - Gmail as your SMTP or POP server

  4. students-guide-to-buying-laptop-summer.html - Self Explanatory!

  5. The GeekTest - I just wasted 20 minutes - How big of a geek are you?

  6. How to Roll Out Desktops Using Disk Imaging. - What is disk imaging and how can I do it?

  7. Pain Free Backup: Using WordPress - Backup and migration from Blogger to Wordpress

  8. Are There Any Good Blogger Hacks? -Top 10 Blogger Hacks

  9. Can I add a Recent Comment Widget to a Blogger - Similar to the wordpress widget

  10. Google apologizes for outage - Google says that Blogger was down for 1hr - we beg to differ

  11. Great Blogger Outage of 2007! AskTheAdmin is Down . Our first real down time. Thanks Google!

  12. I Bring You The Top - Top Nine Technology Feeds.

Ohh and who can forget yesterdays iPhone Unlock Goodness