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Friday, August 24, 2007

Quick Wipe Hard Drive's Using Lysol

Have you ever needed to quickly blank a hard drive? Now I'm not talking about for security purposes, for that I like using DBAN. No I'm just talking about one quick wipe down to erase the drive? I do, especially when I really want to test a disk image. I want no previous instances of anything on the drive, to really be sure my image is perfect.

Well, at my school they have a really old, yet effective program, called Lysol. I tried Googling it, and I couldn't find any place to download it. I did find some forums where people mentioned it, but no place for download. Well, it's time to rectify that! I obtained a CD ISO of the program, and I am making it available for everyone here!

Lysol is pretty friggin' awesome. It will wipe a drive in about 5 seconds! That's right, only 5 seconds! (like I said, this is not good for security wipes). The iso itself is less than 3MB in size. It is small, but very effective. Now if you or your friends are looking for a quick disk wiper, then send them on over here to AskTheAdmin!

Originally Posted on Bauer-Power By El Di Pablo