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Saturday, March 15, 2008

How Can I Clean Some Of The Junk Off My PC - Safely?

No matter how big your hard drive is, it will always get to the point where you need to make some more room for something else. On today's post I will go over a few great tools to cleanup programs and other junk files from your computer. Great M$ Alternatives for free for you and yours!

1. PC Decrapifier - Automatically remove all those pre-installed 30-day trial programs that you get on your new branded pc/laptop. This great utility recognizes all those bits and small changes that turn your branded pre-installed Windows machine into a irritating software junk-yard that takes a long time to clean up manually.

2. My Uninstaller - This small and useful utility is one of my favorites. It is a replacement to the old Control Panel's Add/Remove Software applet. it loads the list much quicker then the original, and the best part is- you can run multiple uninstallations at the same time (you are only limited to one uninstaller when removing a Windows Installer package, due to MS's engine limitation). You can use MyUninstaller to remove obsolete records of apps that do not exist anymore. And better yet it can also remove those adware software that try hard to hide its uninstallers. It sees them and can kill them!

3. CCleaner - a well known & popular utility to get all those temporary files off your PC.
  • Works much faster then MS's disk cleanup utility

  • Knows many popular 3rd party applications and cleanup after them (temporary downloaded updates of antivirus, temp files of Java and lots more.

  • Note the option to remove Hotfix Uninstallers under the Advanced section. every MS update that get installed saves an uninstaller for itself. after a few dozens of updates it can grow up to hundreds of precious Megabytes.

  • Use the Issues tool to cleanup your registry from obsolete information. try to run the Scan a few times until you get no issues left.

Just a few important tips before you start deleting stuff:

  1. If you're not sure what it is - keep it. or better- Google it and then decide what to do.

  2. A system restore point before the cleanup is advised.

  3. Read the above two tips again! Still unsure? Post before you do it! The Comments are your Friends!
Edit: Gratuitous Use Of That Hot Maid Above By TheAdmiN :)