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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Are There Any Good Blogger Hacks? AtAs Top Ten Blogger Hacks.

Back To Bussiness...We have been looking at ways to improve AtA and here are some possible additions to the site in the form of a Top Ten Blogger Hack List. Check em' out Let us know if you use any of these in the comments. Using anything cooler? Put us on.

  1. Can I use a different style depening on The Author? - Different Authors Different Styles.
  2. How can I change the "Post a Comment" text? - Change the comment link to anything.
  3. Blogspot hack: random quotes in sub-header - * Cycle through sub-headers! Awesome*
  4. List commenters' names on a post - Commenter names show at the bottom of the post
  5. How can I link authors' names to profiles on my team blog? - Redirect Authors Profiles
  6. How can I create expandable post summaries? - Self Explanitory
  7. Peek-a-boo comments - Make comments appear on the main page. Hide/Show
  8. Is there a cool ranking system for my Blogger posts? - SpotBack Description and Link
  9. Online Shopping Cart - Six steps to using Blogger to create your online store.
  10. Adding "On This Day" Links - Dates appear as Wikipedia links showing events for the day.

My favorite so far is the Sub Header Random Thing - its kind of like the feedburner interface. After you log in to view My Feeds it says something different after that like:

My Feeds Can Kick Your Feeds Ass
My Feeds are like a red headed step child.
My Feeds ...

Well You Get The Idea. What do you think of different color posts for different authors? C'mon what do YOU the READERS want to see? If you don't tell us how can change for the better? What's that - Change is bad?