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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

500 MB of Web Storage for the low low price of FREE!

So remember when companies were giving out a hundred megs of on-line disk space? Well the size of those drives have been keeping up with the growing inbox sizes on popular services like Hotmail and Gmail just to name a few.

Well good old MS has a new Beta out that might make some of you out there in askTheAdmin land very happy. How does 500 Gigz (edit MB..Not as Exciting Thanks Dan!) of password protected space sound? And how about if we say its free?

This is a web-based file storage and sharing system that gives you 500MB of free online storage. Those following the service's development probably know it by its former name, Windows Live Folders.

From ExtremeTech:

I tried it out briefly and it shows promise, though there are a few minor
annoyances. The biggest issue seems to be that it's built around your Windows
Live ID (aka Passport),
so you sign in with a passport/Live ID account. That in
itself is not a problem. But you have folders set up that are only accessible by
you, private folders, and folders that anyone on the Internet can access. In
order to give someone permission to access one of your private folders, you need
to check a little box next to their name on a list that is populated by your
Live contacts. In other words, you can only share files (privately, anyway) with people who have their own Live ID and are on your contacts list in either Live Mail or Live Messenger.

Outside of that, it so far appears to work as advertised. It is not limited
to working only with Internet Explorer—I used Firefox just fine. It should work on a Mac as well.
There appear to be no limits to the type of files you can upload. There is one feature limited to IE, though: You have the option of installing an ActiveX control to drag and drop files into folders, allowing you to bypass the usual form-based upload that is limited to five files at a time.

The interface is pretty intuitive, just click on a folder and simple links
up top allow you to add files, create a new folder, send a folder as a link (or
use this to get a standard HTML link you can use in any web page to point to
your files), or access "Folder Options" to change permissions, rename, or delete

All in all for free what are you waiting for? I just wouldn't go uploading any of your M$ torrents - they might not like you using their services to pirate their shiznit. Word