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Friday, July 06, 2007

Some New Dash Tips & Tricks for WM6 - Tip 3 Links for free installable software.

These are great apps and from a great site called . Great resource link for your dash wm5 , wm6 or even the HTC.

Some of these applications require that your Smartphone be app unlocked to install properly. Please App Unlock first!

If you can't modify system files - you need to APP UNLOCK! I can say it again and again. If you are having issues doing almost anything APP UNLOCK. After you upgrade to WM6 you need to APP UNLOCK AGAIN. You will find instructions here @ Here is the list:

.NET CF 2.0 SP1 2.19MB

.NET Compact Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1. Required for some applications as noted.

Alpha-Numeric Display 180KB (cab)Blue or Gray

A graphic dial pad legend to show which letters correspond to which keys on a standard telephone keypad. Maintains T-Mobile logo. Original keypad graphics courtesy of "blue rocket" from Q Users forum. Reboot after install. Uninstall any previous "color" if installing a new "color". Works while dialing and during a call. v .4

Audio Gain Patch 2KB (cab)

Some Dash users complain of the microphone gain causing poor audio and instances of the audio cutting out. The issue seems to limited to some of the first Dash's to be released. This will correct the gain settings in the registry.

AutoLock 92.3KB (cab)

Allows Automatic Keypad or Security Lock - User Configurable Delay, Application Exceptions and Event Notification. v. 3.87

BTaudio 3KB (cab) Details

Directs All Audio to Your BT Headset, Click Icon To Toggle BT Audio On/Off

Celetask - Great explorer & file manipulator

Dash Weather 548KB (cab)

Application to check weather and forecasts. v 1.03 Requires .NET CF Framework 2.0

Disable Call Reject 2KB (cab)

Disables Touch Strip (JOGGR) Call Reject. The "End" key will still reject calls.

Flash Player Lite 2.1 770KB (cab)

Adobe Flash player for Smart Phones. Based on Flash 7.

GlyphCache 65535 1KB (cab)

Improves Menu speed by increasing certain memory cache.

Google Maps 600KB (cab)

Mapping software from Google. Supports map or satellite imagery. GPS support and route planning (directions).

IE & Mail SD Storage 2KB

Sets IE Cache and Mail Storage to SD Card. Reboot for Settings to Take Effect.

Map4PDA 351KB (cab)

Mapping software that supports Virtual Earth, Yahoo and Google Maps. GPS navigation and route planning. v. 1.4.7 (requires .NET CF 2.0)

OMAP Clock v.2 38KB (cab) Details

Overclock your OMAP850 processor.

Pocket IE Download Plugin 5KB (cab)

Enables Downloading of Additional File Types. Details

Pocket Nester Plus 508KB (cab) Details

Now Plays Full Screen. After Pressing "Menu" During Game Play, You Must Press the Left or Right Softkey to Access Menus.NES ROM Files (directory)

PowerControl 395KB (cab) Details

Execute a Program When the Screen is Activated or Deactivated. v. 1.4

PowerControl+OMAP 415KB (cab)

PowerControl Bundled with OMAP Clock. 240/228MHz When Bright, 180MHz When Dim. Auto Runs on StartUp. Do Not Press Exit Upon Loading. App Unlock Req. Details

Regedit STG 25KB (cab) Details

Signed Smartphone Registry Editor.

RJV Clock 351KB (cab)

Digital Clock, Stop Watch, Lap Timer and Count Down Timer

SetJogBar 29KB (cab)

Motoblast, LLC has created this app that allows you to enable the JOGGR Jog Bar (touch sensitive slider), no registry editing required.

Silent Boot/Shutdown 6KB (cab)

Sets your T-Mobile Dash to Boot and Shutdown with No Sound

Reverse Silent Boot 463KB (cab)

SiriusWM5 289KB (cab)

Stream Sirius Satellite Radio to Your SDA; Subscription Required. Updated 10/07/2006

Smart SS 6KB (cab)

ScreenShot utility. Run the app then use the * key to capture. Images are saved to My Documents

T-Mobile My E-Mail 84KB (cab)

My E-Mail application makes it easy to download your My E-Mail settings from T-Mobile's server. Great if it's missing from your ROM.

T9 Languages (directory)

TCPMP .71 656KB (cab)

Multimedia Player - Supports most Audio/Video codecs. Need AAC Support?

Total Commander 165KB (cab)

A Powerful Utility. File Explorer, FTP Client, Registry Editor and Text Editor.

Vieka WordPad 44KB (cab)

Text Editor, Supports Plain Text and HTML, Cut/Copy/Paste, Word Wrap etc.

Windows Live Search Mobile 411KB

Map, Driving Directions, Business Search and GPS Navigation all on one application. Requires .NET CF 2

Got More? Post em in the comments!