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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Remote Access -

I recently found this great tool.


If y'all are like me you need access to everything from anywhere. VNC is great because you can use a web browser, but there are some limitations to this in terms of file transfer and so on. has a nice tool. You install the agent on the machine in question and add in your account information into it and you're done, after of course you set up an account on their website.

To access your machines, from anywhere all you need is a web browser, IE and Firefox I know are supported, I don't know about anything else, and you log in to your account and you have a list of all your available machines to access. Simply click the link, and wait...use your login and voila! You're attached to your machine regardless of where you are. Pager/blackberry goes off while at a friends BBQ...get on their machine or your laptop and you are in within minutes.

The speed is good, very little latency, but at times there can be a slow load time to connect to the machine in question.

Logmein works behind any firewall I've seen so far, so it is a bit of a security concern as far as I am concerned because it is in my knowledge a new product, but it is worth checking out.

Also, they have different products with different features for each product level. I am using the free version which is more than enough for me, and as far as I can tell you get unlimited connections with the free product, but you are limited with the
features of the product.

By all means, check it out.