The Admin ditches his always connected status to revert back to a Motorola Bravo... For how long? ~ Ask The Admin

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Admin ditches his always connected status to revert back to a Motorola Bravo... For how long?

This week has not been going so well for me technology wise, let’s just say I’m typing this on my trusty old hp 6515 pocket pc on my way to New Jersey. I am sure glad it didn’t wind up on eBay with the rest of my outdated equipment. I guess I loved it too much to get rid of it. Saying this Pocket Pc is a huge monster is an understatement but I needed to stay productive.

My little Tmobile dash has decided it doesn't want to read memory cards anymore. The cards work elsewhere but not where I need them to work. I had seen this before and a soft reset usually solved my problem. Not this time. Hard reset? Nope not that either. SHIT! The reader in the Dash must be damaged! I wanted to go online and see if I could find some more information.

My Internet was down AGAIN with cablevision for a few hours. All these issues are pushing me towards a better more reliable connection to the net via me little laptop. This would be a much better solution than using the phone as a modem. To me laptops aren’t as quirky as phones. There isn’t any mystery left inside since I started building laptops out of spare parts. I went to grab my Tmobile Wing to take with me for the day. That should do it...

Shit it’s not charged I used it as a modem yesterday. Double shit I still didn’t unlock it because it had the t-mobile demo SIM and was still working.

I realize how much I miss the size and form factor of my dash already...

So yeah a WWAN card is in my near future for my dell x1 ultra portable. Always have a connection plenty of storage and my phone can go back to being a communication device and not a mobile office.

Convergence isn’t here just yet. Keep the equipment separated if you can. The same way I don’t recommend tv-vcr combos. If one breaks then what?

I couldn't take it anymore and left home with the 6515 and my non functional dash. Well it was in tmobiles factory default state so all it did was make phone calls. No data text messaging or any of that.

Imagine that! The Admin not connected? I was very nervous and fidgety without being able to check my servers or at least get a little RSS going on my way to work.

But you know what? After getting into the office and seeing my servers didn’t die on me I wasn’t as nervous. I started to relax. All my boxes are redundant after all. Most issues that can be resolved will be by the safe guards in place. Raid Mirroring with duplexing for hard drives or the SCSI controller cards. Two redundant power sources feeding UPS’s, ac through chilled water with a portable ac wired in on a thermostat to kick on at 79 degrees. The internet backbone and the VPN pipe run BGP and we have an isdn line if all else fails.

I mean short of a lengthy backout or multiple downed lines what am I going to do other then put on a show? You know be an animated admin with smoke coming out of my head - yeah for show.

No, no, no I’m not worried about being so good I put myself out of a job because this stuff needs to be maintained. Stuff does break and then you need to go on site. And quickly!

Time to go back to my bravo plus beeper. HA!

If you need me punch in your number followed by your code then you can push the pound sign, and I will call you back.

So in all actuality my wing is charging and I’m about to unlock it.

How long did you think it was going to last? People don’t like to wait in this industry and I have become addicted to being connected.