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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Question To Let Marinate Overnight

password BIOSI picked this question for the Question of the day for tomorrow. Post your answers in the comments. Can someone help Susie from California? She says she is blond and lost her password. I think she is trying to get at her husbands browsing history... Whatever she needs AskTheAdmin's help and that is what she is going to get...

We will post our answer in the AM... In the meantime you try to help lil' ol Susie.

Susie says

"I lost my BIOS password and I can not get into my laptop. It is an IBM Think Pad X Series running Windows XP SP1 and I have left it off with no battery for almost 6 months. The battery died but still after i plug it in it asks for the BIOS password on boot. HELP I NEED MY DATA! I am blonde and it isn't helping me any."

You can't make this stuff up! You can exaggerate a little but you cant make this stuff up!