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Friday, June 22, 2007

Question of the minute(& Answer): How do i link up a domain name with my Blog?

Hmmmm...I got an email from a buddy of mine a few days back and he was asking me how to link up his newly purchased domain name with his blogger blog.

I instructed him to go to his register account and point the domain name to his blogspot address. The old wait the proverbial 24-48 hours for DNS to propagate.

I get a phone call today and he told me

"While this is all well and good and when you type in http://www.hisdomainname.whatever/ it
goes to "(He specifically asked me not to publish his
domain name - i am not an asshole!).

The URL in the address bar changes to be the blogspot address. I know there are ways around this. I know some of you are already doing this. And I would like to make these modifications to this site as well.

So Step Up...Step Right Up...Comment Right Here.

UPDATE 11:58 PM:

So El Di Pablo gave us great documentation from blogger and a quick run
through in the comments and we are up and running on now after 8 hours. But
my buddy is still waiting for his dns updates to go through.

Gotta get away from the computer Good Night All. I will leave you with this what using for security products - hardware and software?


..comments excerpt..

El Di Pablo said...
Hey guys, I did this myself with, Blogger has directions for it here.I set my domain name to park at godaddy, then I created an A-name record for and pointed it to Google's servers per the instructions. I then set domain name forwarding for to point to
5:15 PM

El Di Pablo said...
I'm sorry, I misspoke, I meant CName not Aname.
5:16 PM
El Di Pablo said...
yeah.. should be the A-Name with domain forarding to the WWW CNAME should point to's about it. I am breathless with anticipation. :-p