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Friday, October 05, 2007

How to use Shadow Copy or Previous Versions on Older Versions of Windows.

shadow copy ask the admin windows xpShadow Copy is one of Microsoft's server features that I always rant and rave about. I use it habitually and so should you. For those of you who don't know A shadow copy is essentially a previous version of the file or folder at a specific point in time. It creates copys or revisions of your files on a schedule so you can grab a copy before you made some stupid edits. Or if your co-worker deleted a file you have been working on... No problem Shadow Copy to the rescue...

Some people say this feature is only available to Vista Ultimate Business Clients but over @ AskTheAdmin we know that this has been available to us for almost 4 years now running xp and using server 2003 standard as our file server.

You don't even need to be running active directory for this one all you have to do is create a share. and then activate the previous version tab from the server.

It will ask you how often you want it to make a copy for you and where you want to keep the data. the best part is it uses an incremental backup so if you choose more frequent backups it wont use more space. Shadow Copy also lets you specify a maximum limit of space to use.

Now there is a previous version client for all versions of windows os here. I am running this on my 2000 pro clients and my users love it. The servers shares are set to back up 3 times a day and I don't have to hear it when those end users want to restore. They can just drag and drop themselves without any risk of corrupting or otherwise screwing up my main backup!

I couldn't imagine living without this as we have made it a part of our backup/restore procedure and I don't spend 15% of my day doing backups and restores!

Do you Shadow Copy?? Got any tips or tricks? Hit us up in the comments... C'mon everyones doing it!