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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hey Mr. Admin Guy Should I Get The Iphone When It Comes Out????

iphoneI have heard this question more than once today and about a gajillion times since the release date was announced. I still stick by my answer. This is NOT the JESUS phone. It is NOT magic and it will have issues with the first revision just like every other piece of hardware. Prices will drop features will be added fan boys will be sad.

If you have to be an early adopter, go ahead and drop that wad of cash down to your ATT rep and get yourself a status symbol. But I will wait on the side lines testing the review models one revision/firmware at a time and comparing it to my Windows Mobile Device of choice for the week.

I think the one negative thing regarding the IPhone that has been sticking out in my mind is the lack of an SDK (Software Development Kit). To me this means no home brew, no community hacks , no outside developer 3rd party like programs. Without a platform to write code for the IPhone it will fall off. I mean come on it is an expensive device - wouldn't you want it to be able to do whatever you wanted it to??

So I guess it all comes down to one thing...

Karl L. Gechlik


Do you hear me Mr. Jobs? Is this thing on?!?!? As soon as we are finished with our review we will be giving it away to one of our luck luck readers.

...Stay Tuned Kiddes...