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Friday, July 25, 2008

I love my Vista Tablet!

I wrote some time back about my HP 2710P and how much I really like working on it. Well here we are a few months later and I can safely say I LOVE THIS MACHINE! I was a long standing hater of Vista and now I can see it's key selling points come to life.

I wanted to walk you through a day in the life of my tablet to show you how awesome it actually is.

I wake up in the morning do my getting ready thing and take my 2710p off the docking station and put it into my bag. I have the normal battery and a slice that attaches to the bottom of it. Today I roll with just the normal battery. I see about 5 hours of real use from it.

My email and rss feeds are already downloaded to my tablet for easy processing on the train. I walk the three blocks to the B train grab a cup of coffee and jump on the train. I whip out my tablet in tablet mode and fire up FeedDemon and Outlook to sync up again while I am still above ground. For my mobile access I am tethered to my Dopod C730 using HSDPA which gives me awesome speeds (3.5G).

Then I throw her back into laptop mode and answer a few emails with my stylus, research and write a blog post for AskTheAdmin and start collecting data for my next MakeUseOf.com post. I open several web pages and prepare to go under ground.

I have enough work to do but instead decide to fire up an episode of the Simpson's and start my day a little easier. I put on my bluetooth headphones and laugh at Bart and Homer's antics. My Outlook reminder pops up to alert me of my 8:30 meeting in 1 hour.

I review the notes in reminder and prepare for my meeting. By the time I get off the train I am up to speed, entertained and in a relatively good mood fueled by coffee and Simpson's humor.

I get into the office take my tablet to my server room. Check all my backups and servers from the tablet in landscape mode taking everything in. Everything seems to be running smoothly. I grab another cup of coffee and off to my first meeting.

My meeting was in my boardroom with several department heads discussing their new technology issues. I have my 2710p open in tablet mode, OneNote fired up and taking notes. I jot down diagrams and notes to myself. Our head of design hands me a few business cards of new vendors. I put them in front of the laptops built in camera and it scans them into my contacts flawlessly.

After the meeting I transfer the notes and data to my desktop and put her down to charge.

Don't get me wrong all of this could be done on a laptop but I love (is that geeky?) this tablet immensely! It makes everything so much fricking easier. Thanks HP and you to Marco!

Do you guys have some questions about Tablet Edition 2005 or XP? Hit me up in the comments and I will be more than happy to help you out!