Are there any FireFox 3 Features I Don't Know About? ~ Ask The Admin

Friday, July 11, 2008

Are there any FireFox 3 Features I Don't Know About? has a cool list of 8 things that you probably don't know about in the newest release of FireFox 3. Here are the top 5 and you can click through to see the rest! They work on any platform that runs FF3.

My favorites are clearly number one and number two. These make my daily browsing SO much easier!

Are you enjoying FireFox 3? Got any tips or tricks for us?

Do you have a favorite feature that was left off the list? If we use one of your tips you may be eligible for some awesome Swag..

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Alright, alright enough with the chit-chat here is the list:

  1. Duplicate tabs. Press Ctrl while dragging a tab to create a duplicate of the dragged tab including its history. Note that this feature doesn’t work on Mac.
  2. Move tabs to another window. Just drag a tab and drop it on another window to move it. If the dragged tab is the last one in its window, it will be closed.
  3. Resize the search bar. When the search bar is placed next to the location bar, you can drag the handler between them (invisible on Windows and Linux) to resize it.
  4. Add keyword search. Select Manage Search Engines… in the search engines menu to open the Search Engines Manager, select a search engine, press Edit Keyword… and enter a few characters to define one. Now you can enter the keyword followed by your search terms in the location bar to search with that plugin.
  5. Discontinuous selections. Make a selection with the mouse as you usually do. Then press and hold the Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) key to make additional selections and create a larger discontinuous one so you can copy or print just what you need.