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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Where can I find a good free screen saver to display my pictures?

Being a new parent and having many computers that stay on I have configured them all to be digital picture frames when not in use. Originally I did this by simply activating the built in "My Pictures" screen saver from Windows. This left my options severely limited. I could only use a folder on my desktop and not use pictures that live online.


This sent me looking for another free more configurable solution. And I found it on my first shot.

Google has downloadable applications that they call "The Google Pack". I won't go into all it's other offerings right now but, we will focus on the Google Photos Screensaver. This 4.4 MB install packs a lot of wallop. The Google lists it's main features as being:

  • Display photos from your PC and photo sharing sites
  • Watch cinematic slideshows
Those two innocent lines look rather boring until you actually try them out. Now I can not only display pictures of my daughter but how about my niece's and nephew's updated photos?

I sure can! Just by configuring in multiple RSS locations or Flickr feeds. Then when the newest cute pics are uploaded they are automagically in rotation on my many rotating pictures.

And the "Photo Collage" option seen below is really cool as well.

This is just one of Google's many offerings in it's quest to take over the world! What do you guys use for screen savers? Hit us up in the comments.