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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Make Groupwise Webmail play nice with IE7+ or Firefox 2+?

So you followed the leader and finally let Microsoft Update install IE7 or installed a new version of FireFox, and now you can't get to your corporate webmail. Yikes!
Wait, dont uninstall that modern browser just yet.

If you've ever tried to access GroupWise webmail from Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox v2+, you will get a blank page, or a page error. Dont worry, its actually a very simple fix.

The new versions of both browsers only use SSL 3.0 by default, but Groupwise can only authenticate with SSL 2.0 (the next version of groupwise should add SSL 3 support). So all we need to do is to enable SSL 2.0, below are the instructions for IE and FireFox. Please comment if you have the same issue with other browsers.

Here are the instructions for Internet Explorer v7+

  1. Navigate to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced
  2. Check the Box “Use SSL 2.0”, and click “OK”
  3. Then Refresh the page.

Here Are the Instructions for FireFox v2+

  1. In a new tab type "about:config" in the address bar and press enter
  2. In the filter field enter "security.enable_ssl2"
  3. Double click the entry so the value is true
  4. Close the tab
  5. Then refresh the page.

Now you can enjoy your Chain Letters and Jokes Corporate Email. :D