HTC Cavalier / Dopod C730 brought back to life. ~ Ask The Admin

Friday, June 20, 2008

HTC Cavalier / Dopod C730 brought back to life.

Yours truly was downgraded back to Edge and (...GASP...) GPRS these last two days.

My Dopod was acting sluggish so I rebooted her and she never came back up. It would get me to the Windows Mobile screen vibrate and reboot again...

A sad endless loop. My poor little Dopod! I grabbed a Tmobile Wing I had in the closet when we got a few demo units way back when. It still had the sticker over the touch screen. I unlocked it using GSMLiberty (After searching endlessly for free ways to unlock it.) I coughed up the forty buckeroos and it was unlocked in a few minutes. I trusted them because they unlocked my Wing previously in a similar incident!

I popped my SIM card and 4gb Mini SD card into her and was syncing in no time.

The touch screen was nice. Don't get me wrong it's great and all but not something I am normally willing to replace size for especially since I know my way around the Smartphone so well. But the 200 mhz processor and the SUPER slow speeds were horrible. What year is this?? But. as usually I digress...

Back to the poor dopod. I found out that it could possibly be a corrupted rom and a hard reset should do it. I tried it once... Nothing. I was holding down the 2 soft buttons (above the call and end call buttons) powering off and then on again. Making sure to press keep holding down the soft buttons when doing it.

I tried it again and Nothing. I almost gave up and I gave it one last go.

Booyah! We were back in business... I was a happy camper. I felt like I jumped into the 21st century with the switch back to HSDPA! It was like a nightmare. Have you ever tried to download a 5 mb file over GPRS? Not fun. Not fun at all.