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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Catching up with AskTheAdmin.

Let's bring you loyal readers up to speed with the going on's at AtA head quarters in New York City. Our internal staff has been able to get Wordpress all setup and almost everything migrated over from Blogger. Except our comments. The guys at Intense Debate are working on it (slowly) but working on it. The guys from Disqus have told us they can solve our issues but not with the export file we gave them and JS-Kit never did come back around... Maybe they got scared off.

Ether which way if our issues are not resolved by this time next week we will be making the switch. And we learned not to jump on the beta bandwagon with something we are not willing to risk flucking up... Dig?

We are actively looking for Tech writers with a sense of humor for some good old fashioned guest blogging (possibly a permanent position). Our first pod cast is in the making and our first video post will be up soon as well. Picture an on the scene Admin in New York City teaching you tech tips while poking fun at the end losers.

We have taken on a new guest blogger Dot45. Let's take a minute to welcome him to the AtA family. You can check out his quick bio here:

Dot45 is a Technician located in the Metro Detroit, MI area. He has worked in the Health care IT industry for 3years. Recently his company was purchased by a local health care organization, and currently he is in the middle of migrating clinical systems and user data over to the new network. He has experience with both Active Directory & Novell eDirectory. In his time away from the computer, he plays around with Ex-Military vehicles.

And as always here are some of our recent posts you might have missed with the summer creeping in and all. Don't worry we changed their titles to confuse the shiznit out of ya!:

Oh and yeah that is my daughter that you guys saw a little under 7 months ago! They grow up so fast and learn words like Geek and Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie :)