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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Windows Vista Search Magic From The Start Menu.

For those of you running Vista there is a little known trick that lets you perform search magic right from your start menu. Once you get into this one you will be HOOKED! It is a very Mac-Esque search ... We all wondered how long it would take Redmond to get this integrated!

So by opening your start menu and typing you can start searching through pretty much ANYTHING on your machine and launch it dumb quick. By launching the start menu with either the Windows key on your keyboard OR by pressing the blue orb and typing will achieve the same thing. As you can see from this ill-equipped machine below by typing in the letters WO it showed us everything on the machine starting with WO... Now this works for Websites, Documents, Images, Applications... You name it and it works!

To start seeing your web history start typing http://www and you will start seeing your sites. Get a little more specific like http://www.ask and be greeted with all your pages from that super special domain :)

Do you have a Vista Trick that you are dying to share with us? Hit us up in the comments or email us at tip at askTheAdmin dot com.