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Friday, May 02, 2008

Why dont my strikes work in a feed reader? They look good on the site?

Hey Admin what kind of techno magicary are you in possession of over at aTa HQ?

Your Strikethroughs come through well timed and hilarious in both my web browser and my feed reader.

But alas, when I try to do the same thing in either blogger or word press it looks like CRAP in my feed reader. Like this:

I like pornscience

Notice no strike... And it eats a space. But yours does work... Why?

The built in mechanism for Word Press use a different command for the strike. And seeming that is where most new bloggers see it and use it for the first time they attempt to use the same code for the strike. When it works in the browser normally the blogger is satisfied and calls it a day. But emails and Rss feed readers DO NOT render the same way. There code looks like this:

Your friendly neighborhood admin doesn't do the wizard thing and codes in the html portion of his blog editor and uses a normal s and /s in brackets to open and close what I want striked. Like this:

and this code winds up looking like this:

Lasers go pew pew pew are effective tools.

The S just works and I have tried the Strike command as well and it doesn't do what it is supposed to do. So long story short stick with the S - Simple and it goes back to the old saying if you want something done right write the code yourself.

Oh wait thats not an old saying at all.

Patent pending. Patent Pending. Patent Pending.

I love obscure Simpsons references :)