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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Using Word 2007 to write a blog entry

We have been working on some AtA videos Destroying End Users teaching you how to do specific tasks. We are still working on the official AtA cinematic masterpieces but while you wait patiently here is the first in a series of videos by Dan Morrill, on special assignment to Ask the Admin.

Finding all the things that are available to you in Microsoft Office 2007 can be challenging. Some of the new ways of doing things are not all that intuitive, but using Word to write a blog entry is strait forward, easy to use, and works quite well across a number of different kinds of blogging platforms. You are not just limited to live spaces or sharepoint, Word 2007 works with just about any blogging platform out there.

This handy video shows you exactly how easy it is to use Word 2007 to write and post a blog entry.