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Friday, May 16, 2008

Tag your Windows files and add comments too!

We all tag on a daily basis, Not like we used to - hitting each other and going... YOUR IT!

I'm also not talking about graffiti and catching tags and fill-ins. Even though the above geeky graffiti shot is hysterical... But as usual I am going off topic!

I am talking about tagging images, blog posts, documents or what have you for easy indexing and searching. Do you find it strange that you can't do this on Windows with everyday files?

Well it would be, IF you couldn't but you can and AtA is here to give you a quick how to. If you right click on any file on your computer and bring up its properties and click on the summary tab and you will see a comments field.

I am sure you have given this a glance or two before but now lets put it to work for us! You can add a field to your windows explorer to display these comments like so:

  1. Goto Windows Explorer
  2. Right Click on the top bar and select more
  3. and then comments like you see here:

To enable this on ALL folders across your machine, after making the above change goto tools Folder Options and hit that magic Apply to all Folders Button.

Now when you view a folder listing you will see your comments and give you a better idea of what's what. Or you could name your files appropriately to begin with and not just HotChick1 and NewDocument8992... But hey to each there own!

And as a bonus if you want to search this field you can download Windows Desktop Search 3.01 and you will be greeted with a slew of new search options! Enjoy.