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Thursday, May 08, 2008

SugarSync is sweeter than expected.

I was happily surprised by SharpCast's SugarSync. I got a free subscription from their PR department so I gave it a whirl.

I installed a little application to sync my HUGE pictures,
music and work folders with their site. The purpose of sugarsync is to keep all of your important files synced up across whatever machine you are using. Easy access to your stuff from any internet connected device. I was thinking of all the cool things I could do with their mobile app that would allow me to have my camera phone pictures automatically synced with my desktop and laptop. But that's not all I can do while I am mobile now - I can also access my ENTIRE photo collection and music on the go. I don't know if that means the same thing it does to me - but it makes me smile when I run into an old friend and I can pull up obscure pictures from that binge crack den rave Formal Gathering... No matter what phone or device I have on me. Are you with me?

I poked around and really like its features like sharing, auto zip/download and the magic briefcase is easy to use and the set it and forget it type dealey. Like a storage place that your stuff automagically teleports copies of all your... Oh wait its really not like that at all

But long story short I really got a chance to use SugarSync to recover from a hard drive failure. My home computers primary hard drive started sputtering and suddenly died. My only recent backup was no where to be found and I had copied over 4gb of pictures off of an SD card I then cleared.

Ah but sugarsync to the rescue I was able to zip my 11gb and download it back to my reimaged machine on a new hd.

For $25 bucks for the year or $2.50 a month you get piece of mind like a mofo. And I like cheap insurance!

Comment why you want to use Sugar Sync and you might get picked to be given a free year subscription. Speak up make your self heard AtA!