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Thursday, March 27, 2008

How can I tell if my ISP is flucking with my BitTorrent downloads?

Going back as far as 2006 I have been hearing the word BitTorrent flying around the media like it was a four letter word.

Do you hear Mission Impossible theme music playing while you hunt your torrents down?

Shortly after the man (Pictured Left) had his way and the fall of the first generation of File Sharing applications came and went, the ISP's have taken it upon themselves to throttle down BT related traffic.

Hey we know the media industry has been messing with our torrents via ZipTorrent or Media Defender but now a lot of ISP's are flucking up your BT downloading ability. We have also see that almost 70% of ALL Internet traffic is P2P. But what is the ratio of legal vs. illegal content?

Even when there are companies using BT for good rather than evil like Azureus and its VUE network they still get throttled down with the common criminals! Now is this fair? Hell no!

How do you know if your ISP is doing you dirty?

Check out this plug-in... NOW! It plugs into Azerus and tells you how many times your connections are interrupted while doing the BT thing.

Author's Description:
Help Azureus (Vuze) gather data on Internet traffic throttling.

This plug-in works with your Azureus (Vuze) application to gather information regarding interference with your Internet access and send it to Azureus (Vuze).
Specifically, this small piece of software monitors your network connections and every ten minutes measures the number of interrupted connections (called reset tcp connections) and then displays the results to you. By selecting the share results check-box you can also share these results with our central server, which enables us to then aggregate the results and compare them with customers of other ISPs. We strongly encourage you to mark the share results setting.

Sharing this data with us does not involve disclosure of any of your personally identifiable information. Azureus (Vuze) may aggregate the data collected and talk about it or disclose it publicly, but no data about any specific user will be disclosed. Use of this plug-in has a negligible impact on your network usage.

Right now the plug-in only works on PCs, not Macs, but we are actively working on future versions. Users from all countries are welcome to participate. Alternatively, if you rather install the plug-in using the plug-in wizard built into our application, go to our Wiki to learn how to do that.

Thank you for your cooperation in this research. We hope that contributing more complete factual data to the debate over appropriate network management will lead to better regulatory solutions.

Is your ISP trying to bend you over with out taking you for dinner? Find out now and come back and let us know! I love BT for all sorts of stuff including downloading of HUGE LEGIT files. Do you hear me Cablevision? The latest Red Hat Distro is legit and distributed this way among others...